Why Most Niche Template Sites Do not Work

From major companies to tiny little startups, niche marketing seems to be the “bandwagon” everyone is jumping on. However, there are ways to get into niche marketing that can quickly get you lost in the crowd and turn your dreams into just another “cookie-cutter” nightmare and a total waste of time.

Niche Marketing, in essence, is marketing. No matter what store you go into, there are niches down every aisle. You have your home goods, hardware, sporting goods, cosmetics, etc.

So niche marketing is nothing new by any means. It has been in existence since the very first marketplace opened up somewhere during the early days of human civilization.

They are not surprising then that it becomes such a big hit on the Internet where specific information is the name of the game.

Search Engines are positioned to glean the most benefit from the niche mentality. People come to them to find specifics based on their keyword queries. So they’d be more apt to create the best algorithms and the most conducive environments to deal with these specifics or niche situations.

You, as a marketer then, would be putting yourself in the best position possible by aligning your sites to take advantage of the search engines’ algorithms.

Then why do so many try to sneak around them and still expect a good result?

Part of the whole niche algorithm scenario is to provide finely tuned specific information on any given topic that might be searched for. However, this is only part of it.

The other part is about the age and uniqueness of the information provided.

So the search engines try to tap into sites they can get information from that are constantly being updated with fresh information on particular subjects, because they know that if someone comes looking for something, chances are they’ll come back to find more. And the more they come back to find freshly updated information that wasn’t available before, the better their searches will appear.

Now you need to ask yourself, “Are my sites conducive to providing fresh content that the search engines can constantly come back to?”

If you’re using those ready-made niche package templates, the answer would probably be no. Even though these packages come with hundreds of articles included, they inevitably share one characteristic.

They’re all static.

Static or never changing content is not good in an environment where new information is sought. Having old and duplicate content about a specific subject might be seen as equally irrelevant as if you were talking “apples and oranges.”

But then how does one break into a new niche market with fresh content on a site that’s constantly being updated all the time?

One problem that arises from this is that niche marketing has never been a big moneymaker for a single niche. Sure there have been a couple of instances where someone taps into a niche and creates an explosion of sales, buys a big house, and retires of the revenue. But for the most part, niche marketing is about making a little money from a lot of niches and letting it all add up to making a decent living.

So how does a marketer create lots of niches and constantly keep them updated without having to give up the rest of their life activities, like eating and sleeping?

After all, if you had to actively update hundreds of niche sites every day, you would not have time for much else.

The trick would be to have a site that other people update for you, possibly if you owned an article directory that self moderates itself.

The problem is that most article directory scripts are set up to be multiple category sites that cover just about every topic ever searched for. For the most part, they are not self-moderating.

One article directory script can be tuned to a specific niche topic and does self-moderate, meaning that it accepts or rejects articles automatically based on category and keyword choice.

It has been designed with niche marketers in mind. It overcomes all the shortcomings the other article directory scripts have had for niche marketing.

It has called Niche Master Directory. Easy to install, adaptable to just about any webpage template, and can be set up thousands of times on different sites and different specific niches.

Most importantly, Niche Master Directory works with the search engines rather than against them!

So for the time, it takes to set up those pre-packaged niche templates. For a one time cost rather than a monthly subscription, you often have to pay to get the packages; Niche Master Directory is a much better option.